From humble
come great things
Dubai was becoming a trading hub in the region, and it continued to make unprecedented progress in economy and trade, this paved the way for a visionary businessman like Saif Obaid Saif al Hathboor to identify and envision opportunities in the market that has now translated into the existence of Al Hathboor group LLC, one of UAE's largest business houses.
He began diversifying his business from textile to constructions, supermarkets, real estate, and electrical equipments among many more. He had the reputation of settling for nothing less than perfection. He valued time and commitment that highest ad ensured that he built a workforce that was dedicated to excellence. Being a visionary who strongly believed in innovation, Late Saif Obaid Al Hathboor launched in 1979 the first Nut Processing Plant in the region under BEST brand. The idea was to transform loose nuts heritage of souks into Packaged Goods for trade.

Through the years
Historical Highlights