Distributed Brands
  • Deemah
  • Al Karamah
Deemah value the ever growing number of customers and consumers of our products. It motivates us more to continuously realize our lasting endeavor to keep them satisfied. Our overall strength and expertise in manufacturing and distribution, that is constantly being improved to adapt to the modern technics available in our field remains at the full disposal to our commitment on our vision of “Household recognition for quality, value and convenience, in food products across the Arab world and beyond".

Since its manufacturing and distribution inception way back to 1986, Deemah presently has earned an image of being one of the largest producers & distributors of quality snack and fun food products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Owing to our absolute focus on quality, Deemah products are rated as No. 1 amongst local brands. Excellent values for quality being Deemah products' strong point, our products are already being exported and distributed to over 70 countries around the Globe.